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This page is updated regularly with interesting articles that we've been reading on the subjects of cancer and, more importantly, disease prevention. We hope that you come back regularly to see what is new.

Exercise & Activity
Why Weight Training Is Ridiculously Good For You For many, weight training calls to mind bodybuilders pumping iron in pursuit of beefy biceps and bulging pecs. But experts say it's well past time to discard those antiquated notions of what resistance training can do for your physique and health.
Diet & Nutrition
The Brain's Connections Shrink During Sleep This mass downscaling stops neurons from becoming saturated-which may be one of the reasons why sleep exists at all.
How to be wiser What is wisdom? And can you learn it?
Prostate Cancer
http://ascopubs.org/doi/full/10.1200/JCO.2016.69.4935 In order to access this website, please configure your browser to support cookies.
Breast Cancer
http://ascopubs.org/author/de+Azambuja,+Evandro In order to access this website, please configure your browser to support cookies.
Cancers associated with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations other than breast and ovarian Previous studies have reported additional cancers associated with BRCA mutations; however, the type, magnitude of risk, and sex differences remain to be clarified. The purpose of this study was to evaluate...
Cancer - General
What doctor? Why AI and robotics will define New Health Healthcare is changing. So the way we think about it has to change too. The world is on the verge of new breakthroughs and new possibilities. Healthcare doesn't stand still, and neither do patients. Their expectations change. They...