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Our Take On Cancer

Cancer is the most frightening word. It provokes an emotional response that is disproportionate to the reality of cancer in many cases

One way to classifying cancer is into lethal cancer and nonlethal cancer. The lethality, the risk of dying from a cancer, specific kind of cancer can be measured. Some cancers are highly lethal. These include pancreas cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer, and some forms of advanced cervical and gastric cancer. However, the cancers I commonly see are prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer, cancers that are not exclusively but commonly associated with a so-called modern lifestyle.

Take Prostate Cancer for example. Only 20% of the men diagnosed with prostate cancer will die from the disease. That means the vast majority of those diagnosed with the disease will not die from it. In fact, 80% of men by age 80 will have prostate cancer; the majority of them will die with it but not from it.


At the heart of Personalized Oncology, we have four primary services available to you at the Tucker Medical:

  • Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Staging
  • Initial Consultations and Second Opinions including Prevention
  • Cancer Treatment Programs
  • Support Services

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