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If you remember the four pillars – MEDS, it starts with how you think (Mind), then what you do (Exercise), what you eat (Diet) and finally how you sleep (Sleep).

You might think these sound a bit “touchy-feely” or be saying to yourself “isn't this great, a wellness doctor talking about his four principles.” I would like to point out that this is biology, that when you do these four things right you lower inflammation in the body and chronic inflammation is a bad thing.

Chronic inflammation leads to chronic disease, such as lifestyle cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and gynecologic cancers; it leads to heart disease and stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure, Alzheimer's and sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. So, these four pillars are not just soft talk, they are the cover story for a biological process that is harming you and increasing your risk of chronic disease.


In addition to medical treatment, Tucker Medical offers complementary holistic therapies for your mind and spirit.

These might take the form of such disciplines as Qi-Gong, Therapeutic Energy-Flow Massage, dietary counseling and a variety of other holistic remedies. A customized plan will be developed by our holistic healing experts. Families and friends of patients at Tucker Medical also benefit from this counseling and therapy. Creating an environment of health and spiritual well-being can bring healing and restoration to families and households.

Lee Wai Ching, an intuitive healer, certified health counselor and bodywork therapist with over 20 years of experience is an Associate Member of the Association of Women Doctors. She is a U.S. qualified Holistic Healthcare Counselor and Somatic Bodywork Therapist. She offers counseling, healing & coaching guidance to gain insight, clarity and direction through your life-changing time. Her healing work comes with praise from the family of Deepak Chopra, the Editor-in-Chief of Spa Asia Magazine, and numerous nurses and doctors of both western and eastern medicine.

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