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While Tucker Medical offers specialized services in cancer care, our patients also look to us for overall prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult illness and disease.

As a primary care practice, we approach all medical needs with the same philosophy of personalized medicine. While using proven, evidence-based treatments, recovery from all ailments are specifically adjusted and designed for each patient individually.


American oncologist, Dr. Steven Tucker, offers a variety of treatments he has learned in the United States for all types of cancer. Using evidence-based treatments (treatments proven to show results), he designs a holistic and personalized cancer care program.

These programs range from surgery to radiation therapy to medical oncology. As no two patients are the same, we firmly believe that no two treatments should be the same either.

The diagnostic technologies we use show us quickly and accurately the extent or location of tumors and how fast our patients are progressing back to health. Our support services make your treatments comfortable, reduce side effects, and maximize effectiveness.

Tucker Medical practices a philosophy called Personalized Oncology. In addition to traditional therapies, we hand-pick choices of alternative and supportive methods of bringing you to health quickly and comfortably. With a focus on their scientific benefits, complementary therapies might include massage and other touch therapies, acupuncture, music therapy, botanicals, meditation and other mind-body approaches, nutrition, fitness therapies and other traditional and non-traditional therapies.

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